Thursday, 8 January 2009

The Weekend Starts here

Thursday night and my weekend starts. I don't work on Friday's. The car has broken down and is getting towed to the garage tomorrow, so today we all travelled into town on the bus. Master A was very well behaved on the way in - remarkably so. I think he was still half asleep. Tonight on the way homehe was full of beans and would not sit down. I then had to race home, get changed and run off to my first pilates class of the year. Could have gone to another interesting meeting in an adjoining hall but didn't!

Had a very interesting meeting at the National Library of Scotland. Have walked by it so many times over the years but have never ever been inside. Came away really excited about the interesting stuff that they have. Will be back in a few weeks to see it at first hand.

Tomorrow have to do some chores and entertain Master T. He has his gym class so hopefully that will wear him out.

Am feeling rather weary, so I am hoping for a long lie tomorrow. I'm off to read my latest book, Apple. It is so beautifully written - you almost feel you are in the noisy, dark backstreets of Victorian London. It follows The Crimson petal and the White. A long, but wonderfuly written account of a prostitute in Victorian London.

Mr T has told me that he has entered me for a 10k in March. I can't workout if he is telling me the truth. Will have to explore this further.

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