Sunday, 4 January 2009

It's all over for another year

Can't believe the festive break is almost over. Took the Christmas cards and decorations down. Will take the tree down tomorrow night. Back to routine tomorrow, which will be good- but hard. I am not looking forward to getting up so early before it is daylight. I really think it is so uncivilised to get up in the dark. These last two weeks or so I have managed to wake up late. It has been bliss. Today has been another lazy day, but I did force myself to go out for a run/plod in the rain. 3 miles today, so I am feeling good about myself. I just need to keep it up. Made a spreadsheet tonight to record my plodding. Next thing is to finish all the Christmas treats that are still lying around, and get back to healthy eating. Poor Mr T will not be looking forward to that. As my mother would say, back to auld claes and porridge!

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