Friday, 13 March 2009

Spring has Sprung

What a lovely day, I was in good spirits until master T got out of the wrong side of bed. Everything has been uphill ever since.

He hasn't slept this afternoon, so is now in front of TV with the opiate of choice - Thomas the Tank Engine. We've just returned from a walk - well I was walking, he was on his trike. Thak goodness it has a handle which allows me to control where he is going. No road sense and no sense of steering. I was going a bit crazy. By the time we got home he was holding on with one hand, but only just. His other fingers were in his mouth and he could hardly keep his eyes open. But we don't want sleep now. It's far too late in the day for a nap now. I'll have to keep him entertained for a bit longer.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

I Should be Working

I'm sitting here browsing and blogging now and next I shall probably go to bed! I should really be doing some work, but I just can't focus.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

The Secret Garden

It is true, you can experience every season in one day. We've had brilliant sunshine, blizzards, gale force winds..................what a day. At least we managed to get out for a little while this afternoon. We headed to Inveresk Lodge Garden. I read on Friday that the National Trust for Scotaland is proposing to close it in an effort to cut costs. It's on our doorstep and we had never visited. We had to go in case it closes.

What a lovely place, it's just a pity that we were being blasted by a very cold wind. We explored. Master T ran everywhere.

I particularly liked the fancy sundial (below).

We will return on a warmer day .................. I hope!

Use it or lose it. What will happen to it if it closes?

Yesterday was more trains, before heading to a wedding party. When I asked Master T about the party this morning, all he said was "lovely girls"!!!! What sweet dreams he must have had last night.

Monday, 2 March 2009


What a busy weekend we have had and now Master T is rather under the weather - just a bad cold, but too bad for nursery. So I have had an enforced day off today which has been rather nice. He was so out of it this morning that he was content with the opiate of choice- a Thomas dvd. this allowed me to get on with all sorts of chores - general tidying, three loads of washing which were all hung out, a pot of soup with the dregs of the vegetables I found in the fridge and a jolly nice curry for Mister T.

Meanwhile I've been doing jigsaws, mending train tracks, mending diggers, giving cuddles and providing the odd bit of food and drink on demand and of course copious nose wiping.

In between times I managed to get the iplayer to work and managed to finished episode 2 of Mistresses in time for episode three tomorrow evening. I also found a rather interesting programme about Sissinghurst. I remember watching Portrait of a Marriage on TV a number of years ago and this spearked my initial interest. I've never been, it's so far away, but I am inspired to read about Vita Sackville West. All this while Master T is having an enforced sleep. I am so glad he is still in his cot. and can be contained!

We've been away at grandmas all weekend, so it is nice to spend a day at home. These magnificent creatures live near grandma.

We took Master T to the National Railway Museum in York - heaven. I had been once before, many years ago and hadn't expected to enjoy it, but I had so it was nice to go back again. The engines are magnificent, the engineering skill and craftsmenship is wonderful. We probably just touched the surface, but I imagine we will be back. It struck us that there were two sets of visitors. People like us with a train mad child or children and train mad boffins - of which there were loads!

I really like the mail train and was desperate to look at all the letters in their pigeon holes.

I also really liked all the old enamel signs and notices that are around the place.

Just had to rescue some washing from the garden. Noticed that my first tulip is almost out, a few miniature daffs are out and my hellebores are blooming lovely this year.

Was going to bake this afternoon , but I made a necklace instead. Don't tell Mister T!!