Sunday, 11 January 2009

Baking frenzy

I haven't tried uploading photos before, so here goes. Wow, so easy and it has worked. A little flower blooming in my garden on 3 January. It may be completely blown away by now. I think we were all woken by the gales last night.

Just a day for staying in the house and baking. I have been baking for the last couple of hours, in complete peace. Cheesey crumbles, muesli cookies, and blueberry muffins. The house still looks like a bomb has gone off on the Island of Sodor, but we have plenty to eat in our war-torn, train-mad household and the FDat Controller will be happy. Master T and Mr T went to church sometime ago. I imagine they have stopped off in the park to wear Master T out. Hope they are home soon - I need some lunch. Will I go out for a run today - the wind, the wind, just makes it all so hard. I know that Mr T, will tell me to get a grip and get out running! I think I would like to sit and knit a couple of squares for my blanket, which is probably going to take me years to complete, given the slow rate of square production. More on this later I expect.

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