Sunday, 25 January 2009


Just spent age trying to upload photos to make a mosaic. Failed. Will try again.

In the meantime these will have to do.

I love anemones. I haven't been very succcesful at growing them myself, maybe I will try again.
Today has been a day of housework. Worked 5 days last week and the house was in a real state. I wasn't put on this earth to do housework. I know I should do it little and often, but I tend to be loads rather infrequently. Anyway, things are looking rather better now and much less like squalor.
Forgot that we should have had haggis tonight........never mind it will keep for another night. We had a stir fry instead. Perhaps it was for the chinese new year.
Not much else happening. Still waiting on the car being fixed. This week I hope.

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