Friday, 16 January 2009

The Car is Poorly

The day started so well. Me and Master T had lie in, then off to his gym class. Great fun, until another child pushed him around. Poor Master T became very withdrawn, but then we were off to meet my work colleagues for lunch. Drove to the part and ride, just missed the train do decided to get the bus. Managed to deduce that the bus no longer comes to the bus stop at the park and ride and trekked off to find the nearest bus stop. So much for an integrated transport system - but don't get me started on that topic. Eventually got to our destination and had a lovely lunch. Master T had such fun and made news friends. I gave him the choice of going back to the office with them, or coming to the museum with me. The museum means trains - it was a no-brainer. Off we headed, and off he snoozed! Fast asleep when we reached the museum. I dropped him at Mr T's office and popped out for a bit of shopping.

Then we dragged Mr T off early to get the train back to the car. Then we were off to grandma's for the weekend. Half and hour into our three hour journey, the road was blocked by an accident. We re-traced our drive and headed to an alternative route. Then something went wrong with the car. The weekend away was aborted and we headed home slowly. Two hours after we set off, we were back home. Mr T is very unhappy, having just paid a very large bill at the garage earlier this week.

I wonder what we will get up to this weekend now?

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