Saturday, 3 January 2009

Almost the end

Almost at the end of the holiday, it will be good to have some routine back in our lives. Our toddler is all over the place - he does like his sleep, but he all out of kilter at the moment. Today hasn't been helped by us all being at a party last night. He had a great time, flirting with young ladies. I drank fizzy water all night - being the designated driver, I had to get the boys home.
Today has meandered on. Went for a walk this afternoon - just into town. I love a brisk walk on a cold and bright winter's day. However with a two-year old in tow, walking cannot be brisk. We just got chilled to the bone. It ended up being a visit to the supermarket and a quick look around town. Poor Mr T ended up pushing the pushchair, carrying the scooter and carrying some shopping. My hero!
Have managed a quick look at the paper, but can't move in the front room for jigsaws. Have recently discovered BBCiplayer. have watched the Christmas Royle Family and the 39 Steps and have listened to a few radio shows. What a great find. I'm off to watch Thatcher and the Scots. Leftovers for tea tonight, so no real cooking required.

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