Friday, 17 April 2009


It's chilly. Having been lulled into a fall sense of security by the fantastic weather over Easter I am taking the cold very badly. The weather has regressed somewhat. It's been grey all week and cold (ver cold today). At least it wasn't misty today.

Have been at the family park with Master T and chums. It was freezing. When we got back I had to have a hot drink, put on the central heating and put on the oven for a biscuit making session.

The biscuit making has been a disaster so far. I am making lace biscuits and have never made them before. The recipe is so easy, but then I cut a corner. line the baking trays with parchment it said. They are non-stick I thought - no need, but greased them anyway. First two lots were stuck solidly to the trays and had to be chisseled off - bits flew everywhere.

The third lot are in the oven now - on a tray with parchment. Will they be any better?

Monday, 13 April 2009

Easter Monday

I wonder what is behind the door at 32B?

We have had a lovely weekend at grandma's. The weather was wonderful - a lovely sunny Easter. We spotted the door to 32B on our walk on Saturday afternoon. We walked round by the castle and down to the river so Master T could throw stones into the water. What simple fun.

On Sunday we went for a different river walk, so that Master T (and Mister T) could throw stones in the river. This splash was made by Mister T!

Everything was so green, floweres were flowering and blossom was blossoming - everything was springing into life.

A lovely wood anenome.

I love rooftops..................
Today has been lovely again. Master T was at nursery and Mister T was at work. Peace to catch up on the chores. But it was too nice to stay indoors cleaning, so between many many loads of washing, a run, a trip to the supermarket and a little cleaning, I manages to potter in the garden. So peaceful.
Back to work tomorrow.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

A host of magnificent tulips

Saw these beauties in St James' Park when I was in London the other day. What a fantastic display!

We are a little way behind here in Scotland. It will be a few weeks before my tulips are flowering, and I won't have a display like this - only a few pots.

Monday, 6 April 2009

It's Been A Long Day

After a very busy weekend, it has been a very long day for me. My alarm went off at 04:40, I put it onto snooze, then when it went off again I knocked it off the bedside table and couldn't find was beeping all the time! Poor Mr T got a very rude awakening. My taxi arrived at 05:30 and off we went to the airport. I caught the 07:05 flight to London, made my way into the centre, went to my event (work of course), finishing around 14:00. What to do then? My afternoon meeting didn't work out. I had a brisk walk up Regnet Street, accompanyng a friend who was looking to buy a bottle of whisky. He had not succeeded at the point I left him. I made a very quick visit to Liberty - a most fabulous shop, before heading back to Terminal 5 and my flight home. I can't believe I am still awake, but I think tomorrow morning will be a real struggle. I think I need a wee trip to London, without the distraction of work, so I can have a browse around the shops.

Did I buy anything in Liberty. I surely did. This little gem: love hearts kit. So cute and bought on the spur of the moment in a real rush. I'm sure I don't need a kit, but they will be fun to make.

Time for bed I think.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

April Already

Where has the time gone? It's grandad's birthday today. He's 75. Master T sang happy birthday to him over the phone tonight. It was soooooooooooooo sweet.

It seems it was a lovely day today - it was when I emerged from work around 4.30pm and was dazzled by the sunshine. I had been on a course all day and had almost lost the will to live. Fingers crossed that the sun will shining on us again tomorrow.