Wednesday, 7 January 2009

My Day

My day off, but up at the crack of dawn as usual to get a lift into town with the boys. Visited the hairdresser - locks gone, back to very short and manageable! Poor hairdresser has a broken finger. Not a good injury for someone who relies on their hands. Then I was free to wander round the shops. I don't often get the opportunity to wander round the shops, but this time of year is not idea - most are like jumble sales. I am always drawn to the new season stuff, and was today - though wasn't inspired. So what did I buy, well I found a stripey jumper in a sale, a couple of things in the Emma Bridgwater shop to add to my haphazard collection, an interesting book - that I will probably never get round to reading, cake tin liners and a new pair of jogging bottoms for pilates. In the middle of all this, I met Mr T to take him for a very belated birthday lunch. We went here - it was fantastic.

I hope I will get round to the book - it will remind me of time spent in India and Florence.

Master T in bed, after loads of stories and a very succesful attempt at the potty. He was delighted with his pull-up nappy - just like Miss D's. easy to please.

The car has conked out. Think we will all be on the bus tomorrow morning. Could be a nightmare waiting to happen.

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