Sunday, 22 February 2009

Secret Pond

I am a week behind,but last Sunday we went for a magical walk here - the secret pond - or lake as it is known. Not that we have many lakes in Scotland. It was really lovely. Quite mild, sunny, secluded and very quiet with lots of snowdrops for snowdrop spotting.

Even though the sun was shining and the temperature was quite mild (it's all relative I suppose), the pond ws still frozen over, with a small area unfrozen where the coots were swimming. To round off a lovely walk, we headed to the nearby tearoom for tea and cakes and bumped into some friends with the same idea. What a lovely Sunday!

Not sure where the week has gone, work, work,work I think. I was so pleased when Thursday night came round.

Master T was not on best form on Friday, but we went to The Farm to try and better his mood, and also because my membership is almost at an end. I wanted to squeeze one last visit in! We did meet this magnificent chap when we got there..............and some lambs. Spring must be here!?

Yesterday we headed down to the border to Dawyk, another magical place. We had a lovely lunch and a marvelous walk around the garden/arboretum. We have been many times in the past, but always in the late autum or winter. We must make an effort to go in the spring/summer this year, to see the garden with some colour. Master T had a fantastic time exploring, though he wasn't so keen on the steep paths when we were heading up the hills.

Running down was a different matter all together!

And now we are back to Sunday. So far it has been chores, shopping, cooking and a little tidying up (though alot is required!). What next I wonder?

Friday, 13 February 2009

The Snow is Disappearing

We've had some more snow this week, but still not that much and today it is very sunny and disappearing fast. Have just found this beautiful thing in the garden.

Also found a couple of lonely crocuses (croci?) and some lovely mud splattered snowdrops and snowflakes. I can't believe it's Friday already, where has the week gone?

It started sadly last weekend, as I headed off to grannny and grandad's so I could go to the funeral of my good friend J's mum. She died very suddenly - so very sad for everyone. Engineering works on the line meant my journey was extended significantly by having to take a bus transfer. Anyway got home, went to the funeral and somehow managed to withstand the cold. Even managed a run on a very cold Monday morning - the views were fantastic. Snowy Angus hills lined up over the valley of Strathmore.

Got home on Monday to find an interesting looking package waiting on me. What could it be? It was from Flutterby Patch. I had forgotten I had won her pin cushion. How exciting and it did cheer me up.. She did suggest that Master T might like to wear it and she was correct. I will get a picture later!

On Tuesday I went to a bead class at our local bead shop. For the first time in ages I really felt like I achieved something. I started a project and finished it all in the space of a couple of hours. Fantastic. I will post a picture later. I am inspired to do more beading. Maybe tonight once Master T has gone to bed.

Pilates last night - though I was far too tired to enjoy it, and it was far too cold in the draughty church hall. But at least I went!

And so it is Friday again, the start of my weekend. Master T had his second hair cut today. He almost didn't get it done. They kept us waiting for half an hour. Not ideal when you have an energetic toddler who doesn't really want to get his hair cut. But we stuck it out and he is looking even cuter than cute again, even though his curls have gone!

Then it was off to the shoe shop for new shoes. Even though he has some lovely new shoes:

he came home and wore my cosy slippers. What a boy!

He's chilling out watching a Thomas video now, with all his trains lined up on the sofa with him. No sleep again. He (and probably I)will be in bed early tonight!

Friday, 6 February 2009

No Snow

It's strange to be in Scotland and to have no snow, but to be watching everyone else with loads. We have had a little, but nothing to write home about. There is evidence of snowmen all over the place - piles of half melted, but frozen again, snow.

Had a lovely walk by the river this morning, Master T had such fun collecting sticks to throw into the river until............................................he slipped very badly on some ice and got a very bad fright.

Poor Master T. We're off to the nursery ceilidh this evening, that should cheer him up - but I need him to have a sleep this afternoon, so he can keep going this evening. It's not looking likely at the moment. You may hear the screams very shortly!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Revenge is Sweet

After my late afternoon run I thought I would relax in the bath for 20 minutes before making tea (already cooked earlier today from the new Comic Relief Cookbook). Master T burst into the bathroom just as I was getting comfortable. Hair wash mummy. Wash the hair. He got the jug I use for his hair and proceeded to drench me for about 10 minutes. He was having fun, and as Mr T said it's revenge!!

Finished my 16th square this afternoon for my blanket. Started alternative squares, but decided that I wasn't too keen. Need to re-think my layout. It was great, I was knitting and watching Dinnerladies, Master T was asleep and I've no idea what Mr T was up to. Peace! perfect peace.

Must go and cut the article out of yesterday's Guardian - Why I hate thomas the Tank Engine. I laughed and identified with this so much and must send it to my friend who has two boys.

Busy week ahead. Can't wait for Thursday night and the weekend! I'm wishing my life away.