Wednesday, 14 January 2009

It's the Middle of the Week

Middle of the week and I don't seem to have achieved very much, either at home or at work. I just don't know where the time goes. At least we were home a little bit earlier tonight. Master T was very grumpy even though I let him watch Wallace and Gromit - his latest obsession.

Me and Mr T have both gone down with the nursery bug. Nothing terrible, but just enough to make you feel a bit under par, and cause my sinuses to rebel.

I have just read Attic24 and so wish I could stay at home with 30 balls of wool for a few days. it would be so nice to achieve something. I tried to get back to my square knitting at the weekend, but Master T wouldn't give me peace and by the time he was in bed, I had lost interest.

Maybe I just need to sit down with The Good Husband of Zebra Drive and escape to Botswana. I can dream..............

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