Monday, 13 April 2009

Easter Monday

I wonder what is behind the door at 32B?

We have had a lovely weekend at grandma's. The weather was wonderful - a lovely sunny Easter. We spotted the door to 32B on our walk on Saturday afternoon. We walked round by the castle and down to the river so Master T could throw stones into the water. What simple fun.

On Sunday we went for a different river walk, so that Master T (and Mister T) could throw stones in the river. This splash was made by Mister T!

Everything was so green, floweres were flowering and blossom was blossoming - everything was springing into life.

A lovely wood anenome.

I love rooftops..................
Today has been lovely again. Master T was at nursery and Mister T was at work. Peace to catch up on the chores. But it was too nice to stay indoors cleaning, so between many many loads of washing, a run, a trip to the supermarket and a little cleaning, I manages to potter in the garden. So peaceful.
Back to work tomorrow.

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