Friday, 17 April 2009


It's chilly. Having been lulled into a fall sense of security by the fantastic weather over Easter I am taking the cold very badly. The weather has regressed somewhat. It's been grey all week and cold (ver cold today). At least it wasn't misty today.

Have been at the family park with Master T and chums. It was freezing. When we got back I had to have a hot drink, put on the central heating and put on the oven for a biscuit making session.

The biscuit making has been a disaster so far. I am making lace biscuits and have never made them before. The recipe is so easy, but then I cut a corner. line the baking trays with parchment it said. They are non-stick I thought - no need, but greased them anyway. First two lots were stuck solidly to the trays and had to be chisseled off - bits flew everywhere.

The third lot are in the oven now - on a tray with parchment. Will they be any better?

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