Sunday, 22 February 2009

Secret Pond

I am a week behind,but last Sunday we went for a magical walk here - the secret pond - or lake as it is known. Not that we have many lakes in Scotland. It was really lovely. Quite mild, sunny, secluded and very quiet with lots of snowdrops for snowdrop spotting.

Even though the sun was shining and the temperature was quite mild (it's all relative I suppose), the pond ws still frozen over, with a small area unfrozen where the coots were swimming. To round off a lovely walk, we headed to the nearby tearoom for tea and cakes and bumped into some friends with the same idea. What a lovely Sunday!

Not sure where the week has gone, work, work,work I think. I was so pleased when Thursday night came round.

Master T was not on best form on Friday, but we went to The Farm to try and better his mood, and also because my membership is almost at an end. I wanted to squeeze one last visit in! We did meet this magnificent chap when we got there..............and some lambs. Spring must be here!?

Yesterday we headed down to the border to Dawyk, another magical place. We had a lovely lunch and a marvelous walk around the garden/arboretum. We have been many times in the past, but always in the late autum or winter. We must make an effort to go in the spring/summer this year, to see the garden with some colour. Master T had a fantastic time exploring, though he wasn't so keen on the steep paths when we were heading up the hills.

Running down was a different matter all together!

And now we are back to Sunday. So far it has been chores, shopping, cooking and a little tidying up (though alot is required!). What next I wonder?

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