Sunday, 1 February 2009

Revenge is Sweet

After my late afternoon run I thought I would relax in the bath for 20 minutes before making tea (already cooked earlier today from the new Comic Relief Cookbook). Master T burst into the bathroom just as I was getting comfortable. Hair wash mummy. Wash the hair. He got the jug I use for his hair and proceeded to drench me for about 10 minutes. He was having fun, and as Mr T said it's revenge!!

Finished my 16th square this afternoon for my blanket. Started alternative squares, but decided that I wasn't too keen. Need to re-think my layout. It was great, I was knitting and watching Dinnerladies, Master T was asleep and I've no idea what Mr T was up to. Peace! perfect peace.

Must go and cut the article out of yesterday's Guardian - Why I hate thomas the Tank Engine. I laughed and identified with this so much and must send it to my friend who has two boys.

Busy week ahead. Can't wait for Thursday night and the weekend! I'm wishing my life away.

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