Friday, 13 March 2009

Spring has Sprung

What a lovely day, I was in good spirits until master T got out of the wrong side of bed. Everything has been uphill ever since.

He hasn't slept this afternoon, so is now in front of TV with the opiate of choice - Thomas the Tank Engine. We've just returned from a walk - well I was walking, he was on his trike. Thak goodness it has a handle which allows me to control where he is going. No road sense and no sense of steering. I was going a bit crazy. By the time we got home he was holding on with one hand, but only just. His other fingers were in his mouth and he could hardly keep his eyes open. But we don't want sleep now. It's far too late in the day for a nap now. I'll have to keep him entertained for a bit longer.

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