Sunday, 8 March 2009

The Secret Garden

It is true, you can experience every season in one day. We've had brilliant sunshine, blizzards, gale force winds..................what a day. At least we managed to get out for a little while this afternoon. We headed to Inveresk Lodge Garden. I read on Friday that the National Trust for Scotaland is proposing to close it in an effort to cut costs. It's on our doorstep and we had never visited. We had to go in case it closes.

What a lovely place, it's just a pity that we were being blasted by a very cold wind. We explored. Master T ran everywhere.

I particularly liked the fancy sundial (below).

We will return on a warmer day .................. I hope!

Use it or lose it. What will happen to it if it closes?

Yesterday was more trains, before heading to a wedding party. When I asked Master T about the party this morning, all he said was "lovely girls"!!!! What sweet dreams he must have had last night.

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  1. I don't know what the National Trust are messing about at, I heard a rumour they might have to sell their offices in Charlotte Square. I too have been watching avidly and enyoing the BBC4 Sissinghurst programme. I'm a big Vita fan and visted the place about 10 years ago, stunning and very atmospheric. Like your blog, I'll be back.