Saturday, 16 January 2010

Sodden Saturday

It started wet, but brightened up thankfully.

1~Planting some bulbs with Master T. He soooooooo wanted to help, but something went wrong as he needed to have his pirates with him and he lost one. It all ended in tears! Now they are in the dark cupboard off his room. I wonder how long they will last before he investigates?

2~A walk round Smeaton Lake, which was frozen. Spotted thousand of snowdrops pushing their way up through the snow and ice. A few were almost our. This was followed by a visit to the tea room for cake (and ice cream for Master T), and Mister T purchasing me a new (small) amaryllis. (Amaryllis 1 is about to bloom)

3~Doing a bit of cross stitch. Something for Master T I hope.

and an extra one today:

4~Watching Slumdog Millionaire. Reminded me of our trips to India.

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